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Hi there! My name is Scout I am the host of PODCAST by scout


What is PODCAST by scout?

PODCAST by scout features different women in the fields of wellness, spirituality, mental health, and entrepreneurship. Each week I feature a powerful and inspirational woman to seek out her story, her life hacks, her recovery, her perseverance, her stamina, her creativity, her insight, her vision, her story. It always amazes me when I get behind the mic what we all have to offer. 

New episode every Wednesday on iTunes & Soundcloud. 

Latest Episodes


Episode #17: My Story With Bipolar Disorder

On Episode #17, I break through my silence and recount what it is like to live with bipolar disorder. I take you from the very beginning up to present day and speak candidly on the ups and downs of my disorder. It is raw, vulnerable, and intense. After sharing my experience, I was flooded with messages of support and gratitude for those experiencing a mental illness. I hope to shatter the stigma of mental health and promote mental strength for each of my listeners. 


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